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guardianofsassandass asked: Jack raised his eyebrows at her in amusement. "So I'm guessing yesterday was your first time out on the ice?" He ran a hand through his hair in thought. "We have a lot to go through then. I guess we need to start with teaching you how to stand on your own when I let go of your hands." He lays his staff down beside him and grabs both of her hands securely. "Okay, I don't want you to look down at all, just focus on me, okay? Don't concentrate too hard or you'll end up losing your balance."


She looked him in the eyes, determined not to give into the urge to look down at her feet as she wobbled every now and again still totally unused to it all, the lack of solid footing and the thin blades she had to balance her entire body weight on. It all still felt so strange to her, she was completely vulnerable at that moment, completely dependent on Jack for support.

She still held her doubts about him being able to teacher to move let alone anything else. The look of reassurance on his face was comforting, yet she knew at one point, at the least, that she’d land in an unladylike fashion on the ice and make a complete and utter fool of herself, and while the thought of making Jaime laugh was a pleasant one, she didn’t look forward of the bruises and aching limbs the next day that came with that.

She must’ve looked a little odd to Jack, her stubborn determination masking her doubt as her eyes were still locked onto his, her face was focused, despite the small voice at the back of her mind reminding her of her inevitable fall and trying to distract her. She became a little self conscious being utterly at Jacks mercy and tensed a little, uncomfortable with the predicament she gotten herself into. She did want to learn to skate, it was just that she lacked the self confidence not to fall or lose her balance when she did so the very idea of Jack letting her hands go almost frightened her.

The initial look of focus began to rapidly fade from her face, replaced with fear as she felt him move his hands gently away from hers, taking her right out of her comfort zone. She tightened her grip on his hands unwilling to let him go, as she wobbled again, unsteady, still looking him in the eyes, silently pleading him not to let her hands go yet as her eyes widened slightly.

 “Jack” She whispered uneasily, as if talking at a normal volume would cause her to fall. She had long aborted any of her attempts to look confident and focused and began to panic ever so slightly, like a child being left for the first time on their first day of school. Being around Jack seemed to make her less confident and more self conscious than normal and she wasn’t entirely sure why. He made her not want to do anything that may cause him to think negatively of her, yet there she was, panicking like a ‘moron’ she thought with irony.

Please, don’t let me go.’

— 1 year ago
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